9th International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space


Yokohama Bay Bridge




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May 29 pm (Wed) - 31 (Fri), 2013, Yokohama, Japan

Workshop Agenda
 *Revised agenda could be available on the workshop venue. 

Final Agenda updated on May 22: PDF1

'Presentation Guidelines' for oral presenters is downloadable here:PDF1

DAY 1: May 29 (Wed), 2013 (Core session time: 14:00 – 17:30)




Registration *(Poster board available, poster setup from 13:10)

Plenary session– Opening


Logistics                            Tatsuya Yokota, NIES (2 min.)

Welcome speech                Akimasa Sumi, NIES President (5 min.)

Welcome speech              Ministry of the Environment, Japan (5 min.)

IWGGMS history

Tatsuya Yokota, NIES, IWGGMS-9 Local Organizer (3 min.)

Plenary session– Presentations (1)

Chairperson: G. Inoue (GOSAT Science Team Chief Scientist)


1. 14:15-14:35

Global space-based observations of CO2: From SCIAMACHY to CarbonSat

Michael Buchwitz, et al. (U. Bremen, Germany)

2. 14:35-14:55

Progress of GOSAT Project in 2012 and 2013

Tatsuya Yokota, et al. (NIES, Japan)

3. 14:55-15:15

The OCO-2 Mission – the Next Step in Space-Based CO2 Measurements

David Crisp, et al. (JPL/Caltech, USA)


Group photo & Coffee & tea break (35 min.)

Plenary session– Presentations (2)

Chairperson: D. Crisp (JPL/Caltech, USA)


4. 15:50-16:10

The Status of Chinese Carbon Dioxide Observation Satellite (TanSat)

Yi Liu, et al. (IAP/CAS, China)

5. 16:10-16:30

Lessons and Learned from GOSAT towards GOSAT-2

Hiroshi Suto, et al. (JAXA, Japan)

6. 16:30-16:50

Status of the CNES / MicroCarb small satellite for CO2 measurement

Denis Jouglet, et al. (CNES, France)

7. 16:50-17:10

CarbonSat, ESA’s Earth Explorer 8 Candidate: Mission Overview

Yasjka Meijer, et al. (ESA, The Netherlands)

8. 17:10-17:30

NASA’s planned GHG missions and timelines

Ken Jucks, et al. (NASA HQ, USA)

- Day 1 Adjourn -

DAY 2: May 30 (Thu), 2013 (Core session time: 8:45– 17:15)



Session I     Future Missions

Chairperson: T. Yokota (NIES, Japan)


9. 8:45-9:00

The Proposed OCO-3 Mission

Annmarie Eldering, et al. (JPL/Caltech, USA)

10. 9:00-9:15

Recent Advancements in Airborne Laser CO2 and O2 Column Measurements

Edward V. Browell, et al. (NASA/LaRC, USA)

11. 9:15-9:30

Pulsed Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric CO2 Column Absorption, Range and Surface Reflectivity in the ASCENDS 2013 Airborne Campaign

James Abshire, et al. (NASA/GSFC, USA)

12. 9:30-9:45

Quasi-geostationary observations of CO2> from a highly elliptical orbit (HEO): a potential method for monitoring northern CO2 fluxes

Ray Nassar, et al. (Environment Canada, Canada)


Coffee & tea break (30 min.)

Session II     Poster Session



Lunch break (90 min.)

Session III     Calibration / In-situ Measurements / Applications

Chairperson: K. Shiomi (JAXA/EORC, Japan)


13. 13:30-13:45

Level1 Algorithm for TANSO-FTS on GOSAT: Calibration and Correction of four years data

Akihiko Kuze, et al. (JAXA, Japan)

14. 13:45-14:00

Vicarious Calibration at Railroad Valley: OCO-2 Readiness

Florian M. Schwandner, et al. (JPL, USA)

15. 14:00-14:15

New methods to measure photosynthesis from space: Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Christian Frankenberg, et al. (JPL/Caltech, USA)

16. 14:15-14:30

The Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) FTS: Preliminary Results From 2012/2013 Ground-Based, Test Flights, and Science Operations

Thomas P. Kurosu, et al. (JPL, USA)

Session IV     Algorithm

Chairperson: M. Buchwitz (U. Bremen, Germany)


17. 14:30-14:45

An overview of ACOS Build 3.3 XCO2 retrievals from GOSAT and first validation results

Christopher O'Dell, et al. (Colorado S. U., USA)

18. 14:45-15:00

Atmospheric CO2 retrievals from GOSAT TANSO-FTS data and status on related French activities

Claude Camy-Peyret, et al. (IPSL/UPMC, France)

15:00 -15:30

Coffee & tea break (30 min.) (*Poster removal by 15:30)


19. 15:30-15:45

CO2 and CH 4 Retrievals from GOSAT: Validation, Model Comparisons and Surface Fluxes

Hartmut Boesch, et al. (U. Leicester, UK)

20. 15:45-16:00

Seasonal carbon uptake as seen from an improved version of RemoTeC

Andre Butz, et al. (KIT, Germany)

Session V     GHG Results and Comparison

Chairperson: H. Boesch (U. Leicester, UK)


21. 16:00-16:15

Carbon dioxide retrieval from IASI/Metop-A measurements and comparison with TANSO-FTS/GOSAT SWIR products

Ugo Cortesi, et al. (IFAC-CNR, Italy)

22. 16:15-16:30

The Covariation of Northern Hemisphere Summertime CO2 with Surface Temperature at Boreal Latitudes

Debra Wunch, et al. (Caltech, USA)

23. 16:30-16:45

N2O and CH4 Observation using Thermal Infrared Sounders AIRS, IASI and CrIS

Xiaozhen Xiong, et al. (NOAA/NESDIS/STAR & IMSG, USA)

Session VI     Inverse Modeling (1)

Chairperson: S. Maksyutov (NIES, Japan)


24. 16:45-17:00

Role of GOSAT total column CO2 observations in the estimation of CO2 surface fluxes

Abhishek Chatterjee, et al. (NCAR, USA)

25. 17:00-17:15

Modeling the column-integrated signal from a point-source: Progress and Problems

Peter Rayner, et al. (U. Melbourne, Australia)

- Day 2 Adjourn -

18:00 -19:30


DAY 3: May 31 (Fri), 2013 (Core session time: 8:45– 16:00)



Session VII    Inverse Modeling (2) CO2

Chairperson: A. Eldering (JPL/Caltech, USA)


26. 8:45-9:00

Inverse modeling of the regional CO2 fluxes with GOSAT XCO2 observations

Shamil Maksyutov, et al. (NIES, Japan)

27. 9:00-9:15

Inter-comparison of surface CO2 fluxes estimated from latest GOSAT XCO2 products using a single inverse modeling scheme

Hiroshi Takagi, et al. (NIES, Japan)

28. 9:15-9:30

Estimating Regional Sources and Sinks of CO2 using GOSAT XCO2

Dylan Jones, et al. (U. Toronto, Canada)

29. 9:30-9:45

Validation of GOSAT CO2 flux product over the grassland

Li Zhang, et al. (IRSDE/CAS, China)

30. 9:45-10:00

Vegetation Fires and Air Pollution in South Asia – Analysis from Multi-Satellite Datasets

Krishna Vadrevu, et al. (U. Maryland, USA)


Coffee & tea break (30 min.)

Session VIII    Inverse Modeling (3) Regional CO2/Large Point Sources

Chairperson: D. Jones (U. Toronto, Canada)


31. 10:30-10:45

Estimating the 2010 flux CO2 anomaly over Eurasia from a source-sink inversion of GOSAT XCO2: Is there a robust feature?

Sourish Basu, et al. (SRON, The Netherlands)

32. 10:45-11:00

Large point source emissions signatures seem from Space

Tom Oda, et al. (CSU-NOAA, USA)

33. 11:00-11:15

Estimation of CO2 emission strength from a mega-sized city using satellite and in situ observation data

Ryoichi Imasu, et al. (AORI/U. Tokyo, Japan)

34. 11:15-11:30

Diagnose of GHG Emission Over Indonesian Area Using GOSAT (Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite) Data

Muhammad Evri, et al. (BPPT, Indonesia)


Lunch break (90 min.)

Session IX     Inverse Modeling (4) CO2 and related species/Assimilation

Chairperson: R. Imasu (AORI/U. Tokyo, Japan)


35. 13:00-13:15

Patterns of CO2 Sensitivity to CO from Space and their Implications for Carbon Monitoring

Sam Silva, et al. (U. Arizona, USA)

36. 13:15-13:30

Characterization of biomass burning from combined analysis using SCIAMACHY, GOSAT and MOPITT

Sachiko Hayashida, et al. (Nara W. U., Japan)

37. 13:30-13:45

Interpreting Variations in Terrestrial Carbon Exchange in Tropical Regions Using GOSAT XCO2 and Fluorescence

Nicholas Parazoo, et al. (JPL/JIFRESSE, USA)

38. 13:45-14:00

Satellite bias estimation by independent inverse analysis

Takashi Maki, et al. (MRI, Japan)

39. 14:00-14:15

Estimate of anthropogenic carbon fluxes from high spatial resolution CO2 observations: Error estimates

Francois-Marie Breon, et al. (CEA/LSCE, France)

14:15 -14:45

Coffee & tea break (30 min.)

Session X     Inverse Modeling (5) CH4

Chairperson: S. Hayashida (Nara W. U., Japan)


40. 14:45-15:00

MACC-II analysis of tropospheric CH4

Sebastien Massart, et al. (ECMWF, UK)

41. 15:00-15:15

Estimating regional methane surface fluxes using GOSAT XCH4 observations

Annemarie Fraser, et al. (U. Edinburgh, UK)

42. 15:15-15:30

On the consistency between global and regional methane emissions inferred from SCIAMACHY, TANSO-FTS, IASI and surface measurements

Cindy Cressot, et al. (LSCE, France)

43. 15:30-15:45

Seasonality in Fossil Fuel Industrial Emissions based on Surface and Satellite Transcontinental Data

Ira Leifer, et al. (UCSB, USA)

Closing Session


Next IWGGMS-10 Plan                   IWGGMS-9 Committee (6 min.)

Closing address       Gen Inoue (GOSAT Science Team Chief Scientist) (6 min.)

Closing remarks                    IWGGMS-9 Local Organizer (3 min.)

Poster Presentations

Core Time: Day 2, May 30 (Thu) 10:15-12:00 (105 min.)

(Poster board: 900mm(H) x 1800mm(W) for A0 Landscape size)

'Poster Session Guidelines' for poster presenters is downloadable here:PDF3


Tommy Taylor, et al.

(Colorado S. U., USA)

Trends in GOSAT TANSO-FTS radiometric response from L1B data: a work in progress


Yukio Yoshida, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Extension of the targets for the GOSAT SWIR XCO2 and XCH4 retrievals


Andrey Bril, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Retrievals of atmospheric CO2, CH4 and optical path modifications from the GOSAT observations


Nobuhiro Kikuchi, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

An Algorithm for Greenhouse Gas Retrievals Using Polarization Information Measured by GOSAT TANSO-FTS


Makoto Inoue, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Validation of GOSAT SWIR XCO2 and XCH4 using TCCON data: Parameter dependency of GOSAT biases and the bias correction


Nikita Rokotyan, et al.

(INS, Ural federal U., Russia)

Series of measurements from new possible validation site at Kourovka


Mai Ouchi, et al.

(Nagoya U., Japan)

Comparison of CO2 column concentrations calculated from GOSAT SWIR with balloon-borne CO2 instrument measurements


Megumi Yamamoto, et al.

(Nara W. U., Japan)

Comparison of GOSAT XCH4 and airborne measurements over Siberia


Tetsu Sakai, et al.

(MRI, Japan)

Impact of aerosols and cirrus clouds on the GOSAT-observed CO2 and CH4 inferred from ground-based lidar, skyradiometer and FTS data at prioritized observation sites


Christian Frankenberg, et al.

(JPL/Caltech, USA)

Aerosol information content analysis of multi-angle high spectral resolution measurements and its benefit for high accuracy greenhouse gas retrievals


Kumi Nakamae, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Lidar observation of the 2011 Puyehue volcanic aerosols at Lauder, New Zealand


Hartmut Boesch, et al.

(U. Leicester, UK)

The Amazonian Carbon Observatory Network


Hartmut Boesch, et al.

(U. Leicester, UK)

The GreenHouse gas Observations in the Stratosphere and Troposphere (GHOST) Instrument


Kam Weng (Clare) Wong, et al.


Mapping greenhouse gas emissions in the Los Angeles basin by remote sensing using a Fourier Transform Spectrometer on Mount Wilson


Kei Shiomi, et al.

(JAXA, Japan)

Characterization of GOSAT TANSO Level 1 V160.160 TIR spectra


Naoko Saitoh, et al.

(CEReS/Chiba U., Japan)

Profiles of CO2 and CH4 retrieved from GOSAT/TANSO-FTS thermal infrared spectra using an improved algorithm


Jonathan Gero, et al.

(U. Wisconsin, USA)

GOSAT TIR Band Inter-calibration with Satellite Infrared Sensors


Jhoon Kim, et al.

(Yonsei U., Korea)

Quantification of radiative forcing of CO2 and Absorbing Aerosol from GOSAT with the aid of Asia Carbon Tracker


Yu Someya, et al.

(AORI/U. Tokyo, Japan)

PSC and cirrus cloud detection over the high latitudes using thermal infrared spectra observed by TANSO-FTS/GOSAT


David Baker, et al.

(CIRA/Colorado S. U., USA)

Evaluating the benefits of in situ, TCCON, and GOSAT CO2 measurements using independent data comparisons


Rajesh Janardanan Achari, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Impact of high resolution meteorological fields on simulation of high frequency variability of CO2 concentration using FLEXPART with 1km flux maps


Dmitry A. Belikov, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Developing adjoint of the coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian transport model


Alexander Lukyanov, et al.

(CAO, Russia)

Forward and inverse modeling of CO2


Heon-Sook Kim, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Regional CH4 flux estimates based on GOSAT SWIR L2 and ground-based observations


Akihide Kamei, et al.

(NIES, Japan)

Development of the GOSAT-2 FTS Simulator


Denis Jouglet, et al.

(CNES, France)

Estimation of CNES / MicroCarb performances at level 1 and level 2


Gregoire Broquet, et al.

(LSCE – UVSQ, France)

Potential of the remote sensing of CO2 by Sentinel-5 for the estimate of CO2 natural and anthropogenic fluxes


Otto Hasekamp, et al.

(SRON, The Netherlands)

Satellite remote sensing of methane: Sentinel-5 Precursor in Perspective of GOSAT


Anand Ramanathan, et al.


Analysis of Pulsed Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric CO2 Column Absorption from the ASCENDS 2011 Airborne Campaign


Anand Ramanathan, et al.


Pulsed Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric CO2 Column Absorption from the ASCENDS Airborne Campaigns


Haris Riris, et al.


Airborne lidar measurements of atmospheric pressure for the ASCENDS mission using the oxygen A-band at 765 nm


Jianping Mao, et al.


Retrieval of Vertical Structure of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration from Airborne IPDA Lidar Measurements of CO2 and O2 Absorption during the 2011 ASCENDS Science Campaign


Michael Buchwitz, et al.

(U. Bremen, Germany)[Post deadline]

Carbon Monitoring Satellite (CarbonSat): Error analysis for XCO2 , XCH4 and secondary products such as Vegetation Chlorophyll Fluorescence


Bing Lin, et al.

[Moved from Oral]

Modeling of Space Laser Absorption Spectrometry for Atmospheric CO2 Column Measurements


Zhaocheng Zeng, et al.

(IRSDE/CAS, China)
[Moved from Oral]

Approach for Clustering Spatio-Temporal Carbon Dioxide Data Using Satellite Observations