National Institute for Environmental Studies
The fourth five-year plan(2016-2020)/ Health and Environmental Safety Research Program

Project 4

Research project on comprehensive assessment system for ecological impacts of chemicals

Overview of Project 4

To manage the increasing diversity of chemical substances, the development of new or improved ecotoxicity tests using in silico (analysis with models such as Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR)), in vitro, and in vivo we performed.
The aim of this project is to develop a comprehensive system to evaluate and manage the ecotoxicity and to develop test guidelines based on mechanisms of action and adverse outcome pathways by using an integrated approach to testing and assessment. The project is also examining the influence of the composition of chemical substances on the environment by conducting whole effluent toxicity testing.
In addition, we use field studies, several lab experiments, and mathematical models to determine environmental parameters, such as hypoxia, and their association with changes in the biota at the population and community level in coastal ecosystems that have been polluted by chemicals such as Tokyo Bay and the Fukushima coastline. Furthermore, we are developing a field crossing-like countermeasure that will help to facilitate the recovery of coastal ecosystems.
The research outcomes from this project will be useful as the basis for the development of new techniques to evaluate and manage the environmental risks posed by chemicals. In addition, these outcomes will be essential for developing improved measures to hasten the recovery of coastal ecosystems from contamination.

PJ4 Members

Project leader: Hiroshi Yamamoto(Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research), Norihisa Tatarazako*
Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research
 Toshihiro Horiguchi, Keita Kodama, Takehiko Hayashi, Ayako Furuhama, Haruna Watanabe,
 Takahiro Yamagishi, Ryo Omagari, Yoshifumi Horie*
(*: Researcher who belonged to the past)


PJ4 Sub-study

  • Improvement and organization of ecotoxicity tests
  • Assessment and control measures for the protection of coastal ecosystems