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Database on Sustainability Indicators (SDI) adopted by national governments,etc.

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  • Page Updated:2010.7.12
  • Database Updated:2010.7.12

This database is a compilation of output of a literature review study on sustainability indicator conducted under a special research project "Designing Medium- and Long-term Sustainability Society Scenarios" (2006-2008).

In the review study mentioned above, we have reviewed indicators on sustainable development developed by national governments and international organizations, and considered what types of indicators were being used.

The database includes 1,848 kinds of sustainability indicators, which can be searched by using search engine. By utilizing this search system, you will be able to give answers to questions such as; i) what kinds of data are considered as elements of sustainable development?; ii) what kinds of indicators are developed in certain fields?; iii) in which field is a certain indicator being allocated?

To find out output of search work, press here.

Note   Definition of "sustainable development"

  Due to "Our Common Future", a report which was published by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED, Brundtland Commission) (1987), sustainable development is defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Summary of the review study

Timing of review conducted

Between 2006-2007 (fiscal years). In 2010, 318 data were added.

Scope of countries, etc.

Scope of the database covers 28 countries and international organizations listed below, and 1,848 types of indicators chosen by those countries and organizations. References of this database are as follows;

Regions / types Country / Organization etc. Number of indicators Publication year
Europa Austria 52 2002
Europa Belgium 44 2005
Europa Czech Republic 24 2004
Europa Denmark 101 2002
Europa Finland 33 2006
Europa France 53 2004
Europa Germany 25 2002
Europa Ireland 30 2002
Europa Luxembourg 27 2002
Europa Norway 18 2006
Europa Sweden 99 2006
Europa Switzerland 163 2004
Europa The United Kingdom 162 2004
Europa EU 188 2007
Mediterranean Mediterranean 34 2006
North America Canada 8 2003
North America The United States 39 2001
Central and South America Argentina 90 2006
Central and South America Mexico 61 2000
Central and South America Latin America and Caribbean 38 2002
Oceania Australia 110 2006
Oceania New Zealand 62 2002
Asia Hong Kong 27 2005
Asia Taiwan 42 2002
Asia Thailand 39 2005
Asia East Asia 71 2003
International organization UNCSD 58 2001
International organization UNDESA 96 2007
International organization UNDG 52 2003

After categorizing the indicators into 4 large groups - environment, economy, society and institution - , they were further sub-divided into 77 categories. List of the 77 categories are here.


Recent publications related to this study by authors of this database are here.


For any inquiries on this database, please send emails to

(Please note we will not be able to respond to any questions that are not directly related to this database. For any other questions, those questions regarding specific indicator compiled in this database for instance, please refer to the respective reference.)