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Sustainable Development Category

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  • Page Updated:2010.7.12
  • Database Updated:2010.7.12

After categorizing the indicators into 4 large groups - environment, economy, society and institution - , they were further sub-divided into 76 categories.

Sustainable Development Category

Category NIES Category
SO Social
so-01 Social aggregated indicator
so-02 Poverty and dependence
so-03 Economical inequality
so-04 Gender inequality
so-05 Generation inequality
so-06 Regional inequality
so-07 Race/immigrant inequality
so-08 Social exclusion (incl. the disabled)
so-09 Work
so-10 Working conditions
so-11 Nutritional status
so-12 Food safety
so-13 Mortality, life expectancy, and health
so-14 Sanitation and drinking water
so-15 Alcohol
so-16 Childcare
so-17 Education
so-18 Literacy and numeracy
so-19 Culture, leisure, and time
so-20 Family
so-21 Social relationship and participation
so-22 International cooperation
so-23 Housing
so-24 Child living conditions
so-25 Services and public facilities
so-26 Information
so-27 Crime
so-28 Social security
so-29 Population change
so-30 Peace/conflict
so-31 Spiritual
EN Environmental
en-01 Environmental aggregated indicator
en-02 Climate change
en-03 Ozone layer depletion
en-04 Air quality
en-05 Agriculture and livestock
en-06 Soil
en-07 Chemicals
en-08 Land use
en-09 Landscape
en-10 Forests
en-11 Desertification
en-12 Urbanization
en-13 Coastal zone
en-14 Fisheries
en-15 Water quantity
en-16 Water quality
en-17 Ecosystem
en-18 Endangered species
en-19 Disaster
en-20 Noise
en-21 Radioactivity
en-22 Perception of environmental pollution
en-23 Water cycle
en-24 Biosecurity
en-25 Resources
en-26 Commune with nature
EC Economic
ec-01 Economic performance
ec-02 Capital and investment
ec-03 Trade
ec-04 Financial status
ec-05 Household financial status
ec-06 Business and industry
ec-07 Eco-business
ec-08 Energy use
ec-09 Transportation
ec-10 Material use
ec-11 Waste generation and management
ec-12 Recycling
IN Institutional
in-01 Strategic implementation of sustainable development
in-02 Environmental management and policy
in-03 Morality and compliance
in-04 International institutions
in-05 Science and technology
in-06 Legal administration
in-07 Sustainable development networks
in-08 Administration and management