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  • Database Updated:2010.7.12

The indicators compiled in this database are based on following literature

Publications used in the database

Countries / organizations etc. Ministries / divisions in charge of the publication Name of references Publication year Language
Argentina Secretar_a de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable Sistema de Indicadores de Desarrolleo Sostenible 2006 Spanish
Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics Measures of Australia's Progress 2006 2006 English
Austria Federal government of Austria The Austrian Strategy for Sustainable Development 2002 English
Belgium "Task Force developpement durable, Bureau deferal du Plan" Tableau d'indicateurs de developpement durable 2005 English
Canada National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators for Canada 2003 English
Czech Republic Czech Republic The Czech Republic Strategy for Sustainable Development (draft) 2004 2004 English
Denmark Danish Environment Protection Agency Denmark's National Strategy for Sustainable Development : a Shared Future - Balanced Development, Indicator report 2002 English
East Asia "SARCS project 91/01/SDI Sustainable Development Indicators for Southeast Asia, 2002-2003." Nguyen Hoang Tri, INITIATING AND TESTING THE PROPOSED SET OF NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS (SDI). (Unpublished) 2003 English
EU Commission of the European Communities Commission Staff Working Document, Accompanying document to the Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament, Progress Report on the European Union Sustainable Development Strategy 2007, COM(2007) 642 final. SEC (2007) 1416 2007 English
Finland Finnish Environment Institute Sustainable Development Indicators 2006 2006 English
France Minist_re de l'_cologie Indicateurs nationaux du d_veloppement durable: lesquels retenir 2004 French
Germany Federal Government of Germany Perspectives for Germany - Our Strategy for Sustainable Development 2002 English
Hong Kong Councile for sustainable development Briefing on the Sustainability Assessment System 2005 English
Ireland National economic and social council of Ireland National progress indicators for sustainable Economic, Social and Environmental Development, 2002 2002 English
Latin America and Caribbean United Nations Environmenta Programme Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean Latin American and Caribbean Initiative for Sustainable Development 2002 English
Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment Indicateurs de Developpement Durable pour le Luxembourg 2002 English
Mediterranean Plan Bleu Regional Activity Centre Methodological sheets of the 34 priority indicators for the "Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development" Follow-up. Working document, May 2006. 2006 English
Mexico "El Instituto Nacional de Estad_stica, Geograf_a e Inform_tica (INEGI), el Instituto Nacional de Ecolog_a (INE), _rgano desconcentrado de la Secretar_a de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Pesca (Semarnap)" Indicadores de Desarrollo Sustentable en M_xico 2000 Spanish
New Zealand Statics New Zealand Monitoring progress towards a sustainable New Zealand, 2002 2002 English
Norway Ministry of finance Indicators for sustainable development 2006 - Future challenges for Norway 2006 English
Sweden Swedish government Strategic challenges, A further elaboration of the Swedish strategy for sustainable development 2006 English
Switzerland Swiss Federal Statistical Office Monitoring Sustainable Development, sustainable development in Switzerland 2004 English
Taiwan Council for economic Planing Development of Taiwan Sustainable Development Indicators System 2002 English
Thailand NESDB Project of Sustainable Development Indicators of Thailand 2005 Thai language and English
The United Kingdom UK government Quality of life counts _ 2004 update 2004 English
The United States Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators Sustainable Development in the Unted States: An Experimental Set of Indicators 2001 English
UNCSD Division of Sustainable Development Indicators of Sustainable Development: Guidelines and methodologies, 2nd edition 2001 English
UNDESA United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Indicators of Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies, 3rd edition. 2007 English
UNDG United Nations Development Group INDICATORS for Monitoring the Millennium Development Goals 2003 English

Publications by authors of this database, that are relevant to this study

  • Tasaki T., Kameyama Y., Hashimoto S., Moriguchi Y., Harasawa H. (2010) A survey of national sustainable development indicators. International Journal of Sustainable Development, 13 (4), 337-361
  • Tasaki, T., Kameyama, Y., Hashimoto, S. and Harasawa, H. (2007) "A Review on Sustainable Development Indicators and Their Applicability to Long-term Scenario Research," Abstract of the 35th meeting of Environmental Systems, pp.269-276. (in Japanese)
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  • Morita, T. and Kawashima, Y. (1993) "Current Status of debates on "Sustainable Development" and further work", Mita Gakkai Zasshi, 85(4), pp. 532-561. (in Japanese)