The 17th Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia

 2019-7-30 ~ 2019-8-2

Agenda with presentations

Day 1, Tuesday 30th July (Just for limited participants)

  • Participants Registration
  • Mutual Learning on Energy / Thailand and Japan
    Facilitator: Naofumi Kosaka (GIO), Akiko Tanaka (GIO)
  • Mutual Learning on General / Singapore and China
    Facilitator: Elsa Hatanaka (GIO), Eriko Hirata (GIO)
  • Mutual Learning on Agriculture / Cambodia and Philippines
    Facilitator: Hiromi Yoshinaga (GIO), Hiroshi Ito (GIO)

Day 2, Wednesday 31th July

  • Participants Registration

Opening Session

Chair: Rohaya Saharom (Singapore)
Rapporteur: Atsuko Hayashi (GIO)

Session I: Updates on the National Communications (NCs) and Biennial Update Reports (BURs) from non-Annex I Parties

Chair: Baasansuren Jamsranjav (AB/ IPCC/TFI )
Rapporteur: Atsuko Hayashi (GIO)

Session II: Introduction to the 2019 Refinement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Chairs: Takahiko Hiraishi (IGES)
Rapporteur: Atsuko Hayashi (GIO)

Session III: Fluorinated Gas Emissions from non-Annex I Parties

Chairs: Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe (IPCC/TFI; CGE)
Rapporteur: Atsuko Hayashi (GIO)

Day 3, Thursday 1th August

Session IV: National GHG Inventory Data and Systems for the Transparency framework under the Paris Agreement

Chairs: Rizaldi Boer (AB/ Bogor Agricultural University)
Rapporteur: Atsuko Hayashi (GIO)

Poster Session

Wrap-up Session

Chairs: Yukihiro Nojiri (GIO)

Closing Remarks

  • Closing Remarks
    Rohaya Saharom(Singapore)
  • Closing Remarks
    Yukihiro Nojiri (GIO)

Joint Meeting of the WGIA Organizing Committee and Advisory Board (members of the OC and AB, the WGIA Secretariat are required to attend)

Chair: Hiroshi Ito (GIO)

  • Review of Activities in WGIA17
    OC/AB membersl
  • Discussion on Topics for WGIA18
    OC/AB members

Day 4, Friday 2nd August

Information Session: Reporting Related to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

  • Corresponding Adjustment Under the Transparency Framework
    Interested Participants

Study Tour, 2nd August

  • Study Tour – Semakau Landfill
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