Bias corrected climate scenarios over Japan based on CDFDM method using CMIP6 (NIES2020)

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This dataset is bias corrected climate scenarios over Japan with the spatial resolution 1km using CMIP6. Five GCMs were selected from CMIP6; MIROC6, MRI-ESM2-0, ACCESS-CM2, IPSL-CM6A-LR, MPI-ESM1-2-HR. Regarding the GHGs emission pathways, SSP1-RCP2.6, SSP2-RCP4.5, and SSP5-RCP8.5 were used. CDFDM proposed by Iizumi et al. (2010; 2011; 2012; 2014; 2017) was modified so that the model is constructed within each month. Daily data for ten variables (daily mean, max, min temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, downward longwave radiation, wind speed, relative humidity, surface pressure, and total cloud cover percentage) are available from 1900 to 2100.


Release date
Temporal coverage
1900/01/01 - 2100/12/31
Data provider
Email: cgerdb_admin(at)
File format
Data volume
~2.0 TB
Ver.1.2 (Last updated: 2024/01/30)

Data Set

Daily mean Temperature (degC), Daily maximum temperature (degC), Daily minimum temperature (degC), Daily precipitation (mm/day), Global solar radiation (MJ/m2/day), 10m wind speed (m/s), Surface relative humidity (%), Downward longwave radiation (MJ/m2/day), Surface pressure (hPa; Ver. 1.2 or later), and Total cloud cover percentage (%; Ver. 1.2 or later).
Japan (122-146°E, 24-46°N, over land only)
Time resolution
1 day
Spatial resolution
1 x 1 km
Calculation method
Bias correction using modified CDFDM method was applied. The CDF for the calibration period was conducted in each month. Daily observational data from 1980 to 2018 were utilized to maximize the reference period. Historical data for the GCM was composed of 1980-2014 from the historical run and 2015-2018 from the SSP585 run for each GCM. As a reference data, we used the Agro-Meteorological Grid Square Data (Ohno et al. 2016). Data formats were based on the Gregorian calendar. Linear trend was preserved for the daily mean, max, and minimum temperature and downward longwave radiation.
Models/Analyses > Climate Models
Atmosphere > Atmospheric Temperature > Surface Air Temperature
Atmosphere > Precipitation > Precipitation Amount
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Climate scenario, CMIP6, Bias correction, CDFDM, Impact assessment
Update history
Climate scenarios for the additional variable was released; Surface pressure (hPa) and Total cloud cover percentage (%). Total cloud cover percentage was corrected using those of JRA-55. Surface pressure was corrected using mean sea level pressure of JRA-55 reanalysis and altitude information. Ver.1.2.
Climate scenarios for the SSP1-RCP1.9 (SSP119) and SSP3-RCP7.0 (SSP370) scenarios are additionally released for the MIROC6, MRI-ESM2-0 and IPSL-CM6A-LR. 8 meteorological variables for SSP119 and 4 variables for SSP370 (daily mean, max, min temperature, and precipitation). Please note that the ensemble member for SSP119 in MIROC6 is r2i1p1f1 due to the availability of original data. Ver.1.1.
Dataset was released. Ver.1.


Ishizaki, N. N., Shiogama, H., Hanasaki, N., and Takahashi, K. (2022). Development of CMIP6-based climate scenarios for Japan using statistical method and their applicability to heat-related impact studies. Earth and Space Science, 9, e2022EA002451., doi:10.1029/2022EA002451.

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