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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta

[ref. ID; 5938 (R.H. Mulvey, 1978)]

Superfamily Mononchoidea (Chitwood, 1937) Clark, 1961

Family Mononchidae Chitwood, 1937


Head broad, rounded truncate, either set off or continuous with body; labia six with two rings of papillae, inner 6 papillae, outer 6 to 14 papillae. Amphids generally near base of labial region, pouchlike; buccal cavity rectangular, goblet, or barrel shaped, walls tripartite. Dorsal tooth always present; subventral teeth present or absent, smaller or equal in size to the dorsal tooth. Apexes of teeth directed anteriorly or posteriorly. Subventral denticles present or absent, in transverse or longitudinal rows, or irregularly arranged. Esophagus muscular, nonbulbar; nerve ring encircling the esophagus about one-third its length from the anterior. Dorsal esophageal gland opening in esophagus just posterior to level of nerve ring; two pairs of subventral glands opening near posterior end of esophagus. Excretory pore located jut posterior to level of nerve ring. Esophagointestinal junction tuberculate or nontuberculate. Female monodelphic or didelphic, ovary or ovaries reflexed; vulval papillae present or absent. Male testes paired, outstretched; spicules paired with or without bifurcated lateral accessory pieces; gubernaculum present; supplements in a single ventromedian series. Tails of both sexes variously shaped; caudal glands and terminal or subterminal duct present or absent.

Type genus

Mononchus Bastian, 1865