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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta

[ref. ID; 7733 (Iftode, Fryd-Versavel and Lynn, 1984)]

Family Turaniellidae Didier, 1971


Tetrahymenine ciliates whose right ventral somatic kineties curve to the left and then, usually abruptly, twist anteriorly to parallel the anterior suture which is anterior left of the oral region; at least kinety n (in Colpidium) and several somatic kineties to its left (in Turaniella) interrupted by the left posterior edge of the oral cavity; oral polykinetids orientated in obliquely longitudinal direction in oral cavity. Almost paroral dikinetids nonciliated. Microfilamentous oral basket.


Colpidium Stein, 1860, Turaniella Corliss, 1960