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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta

[ref. ID; 4889 (Weibo Song, Alan Warren, and Xiaozhong Hu, 1996/97)]

Family Pseudoamphisiellidae nov. fam. (ref. ID; 4889 original paper)


Hypotrichida (Discocephalina? Urostylina?) with differentiated frontal and highly developed transverse cirri; two widely separated midventral rows, which originate from a series of oblique FVT-streaks during morphogenesis; without frontoterminal cirri; right marginal row derived from the rightmost streak of FVT-anlagen. Considering its morphogenetic and morphological features, the new family differs distinctly from other families of hypotrichs in the following combination of characters: the absence of frontoterminal cirri, the widely separated midventral rows and the unique origin of right marginal row during morphogenesis.

Improved diagnosis

Pseudoamphisiellidae with one left and one right marginal row of cirri; three enlarged frontal cirri and two long ventral (midventral) rows; caudal cirri completely aligned with marginal rows.

Type genus

Pseudoamphisiella Song, 1996