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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta

[ref. ID; 4898 (Simpson, 1997)]

Euglenozoa (Cavalier-Smith 1981)

Eukaryotes, mitochondriate, with heteromorpic (tubular/whorled and parallel) lattice paraxonemal rods, and their descendants.

euglenids (Euglenida, Butschli 1884)

With a pellicle of protein strips (fused in many speices), and ther descendants.

kinetoplastids (Kinetoplastida, Honigberg 1963)

Euglenozoa with a kinetoplast (including "polykinetoplasts"), and their descendatns.

diplonemids (Diplonemea, Cavallier-Smith 1993)

Currently Diplonema and Rhuanchopus only. Taxonomic and systematic stury required.

Postgaardi Fenchel et al. 1995. Euglenozoa "incertae sedis" and currently monotypic.


The Hemimastigophora consist of a few genera of rotationally symmetrical organisms with two rows of several flagella. Foissner et al. (1988) and Foissner & Foissner (1993) suggested that Hemimastigophora is the sister group of the euglenids based on ultrastructural similarities of the cortical region. They did not suggest taxonomic changes that reflected this view, however Hausmann & Hulsmann (1995) recently formally placed the Hemimastigophra in the Euglenoza and closest to the euglenids.