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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta

[ref. ID; 4224 (John P. Cann, 1986)]

Phylum Sarcomastigophora Honigberg & Balamuth, 1963

Subphylum Sarcodina Hertig & Lesser, 1874
Superclass Rhizopoda von Siebold, 1845

Class Filosea Leidy, 1879

Filose pseudopodia, often hyaline, often branching, but not reticulate, produced from cytoplasmic mass not differentiated into distinct hyaline and granular regions; no flagellate stage known.

Order Aconchulinida de Saedeleer, 1934

Without external skeletal material.
Family Nucleariidae Cann & Page, 1979
Feeding by ingestion of food particles or by penetration of old/damaged eukaryotic algal filaments. Cross walls of filaments not observed to be attacked. Mitochondria with flattened, unbranching cristae.