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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta


Tracheleuglypha Deflandre, 1928 (ref. ID; 3686)

Rhizopoda (ref. ID; 4752)

[ref. ID; 3686]
Shell colorless; ovoid, circular in transverse section; composed of circular shell-plates; aperture circular, bordered by organic cement. (ref. ID; 3686)
  1. Tracheleuglypha acola Bonnet & Thomas, 1955 (ref. ID; 661)
  2. Tracheleuglypha acolla Bonnet & Thomas, 1955 (ref. ID; 2054, 2087, 2110, 2121, 2146, 2160, 3382, 5461) reported year? (ref. ID; 3383)
  3. Tracheleuglypha acolla f. stenostoma Chardez (ref. ID; 3383)
  4. Tracheleuglypha acolla var. aspera Bonnet & Thomas, 1955 (ref. ID; 5461) reported year? (ref. ID; 3383)
  5. Tracheleuglypha dentata (ref. ID; 4752, 6795)
  6. Tracheleuglypha dentata (Moniez, 1888) (ref. ID; 3686)
  7. Tracheleuglypha dentata (Veijdovski, 1882) (ref. ID; 4737, 5461), (Veijdowskij) Deflandre, 1928 (ref. ID; 661, 2054), (Vejdowski, 1882) Deflandre, 1928 (ref. ID; 1401) or (Vejdovsky) Deflandre, 1928 (ref. ID; 2441)
  8. Tracheleuglypha dentata var. elongata (Playfair) Thomas, 1958 (ref. ID; 2420)
  9. Tracheleuglypha elongata Van Oye, 1959 (ref. ID; 2236 original paper)

Tracheleuglypha dentata (Moniez, 1888) (ref. ID; 3686)


The shell is ovoid, circular in transverse section and composed of approximately one hundred, circular, shell-plates. About twelve shell-plates surround the aperture and project only slightly from the following row of overlying shell-plates. The remainder of the shell-plates are arranged in a regular manner. The aperture is circular and is bordered by a collar of organic material, from which tooth-like structures usually project. The organic collar is not completely preserved in some specimens, and in these cases the tooth-like projections are absent. Cash et al. (1915) observed that the collar was often difficult to see, and that it was sometimes absent. They also figured variations in the shell-plates from circular to oval. (ref. ID; 3686)


Shell length 52-61, width 29-31; diameter of aperture 8.8-11.5; diameter of shell-plates 6.6-8.8 um (n=6). (ref. ID; 3686)