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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta


Diaphoropodon Archer (ref. ID; 1618)
Diaphorodon Archer (ref. ID; 3693)

[ref. ID; 1618]
Test ovoid, flexible, with minute foreign bodies and a thick covering of hyaline hair-like projections; pseudopodia long, filose, branching; fresh water. (ref. ID; 1618)

[ref. ID; 1923]
Shell covered with minute particles and short bristles. (ref. ID; 1923)
  1. Diaphoropodon mobile Archer (ref. ID; 1618, 1923, 3501)
  1. Diaphorodon mobile Archer (ref. ID; 3693)

Diaphoropodon mobile Archer (ref. ID; 1618, 1923, 3501)


Test brown; of various shapes; aperture terminal; body does not fill the test nucleus large; one to two contractile vacuoles; in vegetation. (ref. ID; 1618)
Shell membranous, flexible, brown in color, more or less ovoid, covered with hair-like cilia, rigid and of a chitinous nature. Pseudopodia long, numerous, branching but not anastomosing. Habitat aquatic vegetation. (ref. ID; 1923)


60-120 um long; projections 8-10 um long. (ref. ID; 1618)
Length 60-113 um. (ref. ID; 1923)