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The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta


Enigmostoma Jankowski, 1975 (ref. ID; 2013, 7706)

Class Kinetofragminophora: Subclass Hypostomata: Order Nassulida: Suborder Nassulina (ref. ID; 2013)
Suborder Cyrtolophosidina Foissner, 1978: Family Woodruffiidae Gelei, 1954 (ref. ID; 7706)

[ref. ID; 2013]
Body outline shape oval to reniform with an anterior beak directed left, highly metabolic. Body ciliation complete, in pairs forming many longitudinal rows. The oral aperture, which is supported by a basket of trichites, is slit-like and longitudinally orientated. A frange of several membranelles (about 9 to 11) leads from the anterior most end of the oral aperture up towards the apex of the body along the suture line. This feature distinguishes it from Nassula. There is a large equatorial contractile vacuole on the left body edge and 2 smaller satellite vesicles, one equatorial on the right and a posterior one on the left. Macronucleus oval and approximately equatorial. Genus erected by Jankowski (1975) for Nassula ougandae Dragesco, 1972.
Quote; Colin R. Curds "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part I Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora" Cambridge University Press, 1982 (ref. ID; 2013)