About NIES Fukushima Branch–Branch Director Foreword

About NIES Fukushima Branch

Branch Director Foreword

Branch Director TAKIMURA Akira

Picture of Branch Director TAKIMURA Akira

NIES has conducted research on disaster-related environmental contamination and environmental recovery since immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, positioning this research as Environmental Emergency Research.

More specifically, we have conducted research on elucidating and predicting the behavior of radioactive substances in the environment through measurement and model simulation; assessment of human radiation doses and impacts on organisms and ecosystems (multimedia environmental research); and on the proper treatment and disposal of disaster waste and waste contaminated with radioactive substances (waste and sustainable material cycles research).We have consolidated these two areas of research into our Environmental Recovery Research Program, which is aimed at restoring disaster areas contaminated with radioactive substances as rapidly as possible.

We are also implementing two other research programs—our Environmental Renovation Research Program for shaping 21st century communities in Japan through disaster area reconstruction, and our Environmental Emergency Management Research Program for preparing for future disasters and creating environmentally safe and resilient communities.

In April 2016, we established our NIES Fukushima Branch within the Environmental Creation Center in Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture as our first regional branch. In collaboration with NIES Tsukuba headquarters, NIES Fukushima Branch is committed to supporting the reconstruction and environmental recovery of disaster areas through research and technology within the framework of these three Environmental Emergency Research programs, and to helping to shape Japan’s future as an environmentally sustainable society equipped to withstand disasters.