The 6th Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia

 2008-7-16 ~ 2008-7-18
 Tsukuba, Japan

Agenda with presentations

Day 1, Wednesday 16th July

Opening Session

Chair: Mr. Takahiko Hiraishi

SessionⅠ: Promotion of International Cooperation

Chair: Dr. Yukihiro Nojiri
Rapporteur: Dr. Jose Ramon T Villarin

Session II: Uncertainty Assessment

Chair: Mr. Leandro Buendia
Rapporteur: Dr. Amnat Chidthaisong

Day 2, Thursday 17th July

Session III: Time Series Estimates and Projection

Chair: Mr. Dominique Revet
Rapporteur: Mr. Todd Ngara

Session IV: Working Group Discussion

  • Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe
    Guidance to Session IV


Chair: Dr. Sumana Bhattacharya
Rapporteur: Dr. Batimaa Punsalmaa

WG: Waste Sector

Chair: Dr. Tomonori Ishigaki
Rapporteur: Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon

WG: Agriculture Sector

Chair: Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi
Rapporteur: Mr. Shuhaimen Ismail

WG: GHG Inventory

Chair: Mr. Thy Sum
Rapporteur: Dr. Simon Eggleston

Hands-on Training Session on Key Category Analysis

Day 3, Friday 18th July

Wrap-up Session

Chair: Mr. Takahiko Hiraishi
Rapporteur: Ms. Mausami Desai

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