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1. Importance of Coastal Marine Environment
2. How Can We Monitor the Changes?
3. Monitoring Outline
4. Monitoring Method
5. Analytical Method
6. Water at What Depth?
7. An Example Obtained from Our Monitoring

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9. Future Development
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9. Future Development

The method of using regularly operated ferries has been proved effective in evaluating the human intervention to the natural cycle of elements and its effects on marine environment. The method has also been recognized by other international organizations. Several organizations in EU have started monitoring program using ferries called European Ferry-Box Program13),14),15), and the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) is also planning to use a VOS to detect the biological response of the sea to the climate change16),17).

Considering the rapid economical growth in the Eastern Asia regions, marine environmental issues of the seas neighboring these countries are crucial and the monitoring should be promoted. According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the marine investigation in the EEZ (exclusive economic zone) needs permission from the coastal countries. Furthermore, the marine environment is inherently an international issue. Therefore, the establishment of close cooperation and collaboration of coastal countries is essential18).

NIES had been working with Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) under Japan-Korea Environment Protection Agreement. In 1998, KORDI has started its own monitoring program between Incheon and Cheju. Establishing the network of monitoring programs should be promoted throughout the Asian waters to understand the marine environmental problem and finding its solutions.

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