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Marine Environmental
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Eastern Asian Seas

1. Importance of Coastal Marine Environment
2. How Can We Monitor the Changes?
3. Monitoring Outline
4. Monitoring Method
5. Analytical Method
6. Water at What Depth?
7. An Example Obtained from Our Monitoring

8. Data Download
9. Future Development
10. List
11. References
12. Research Presentation List
13. Other Sites
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6. Water at What Depth?

The original depth from which the seawater is taken is not evident even though the inlet was located about 5m below the surface. To solve this problem, the Ship Research Institute conducted a model experiment and estimated the streamlines around the hull6). It was estimated that the water from depth at less than 1m comes to the inlet (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Streamlines around the hull of the ship (View from below) obtained by a model experiment and numerical simulation by Ship Research Institute. The surface seawater is pushed downward by the hull to about 5m below from the surface, where the water inlet for the monitoring is located.
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