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2. How Can We Monitor the Changes?
3. Monitoring Outline
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3. Monitoring Outline

Our monitoring was started in 1991 using the ferry route between Pusan (Korea) and Kobe (Japan) aiming at grasping the gradient of anthropogenic effects by scanning the Seto Inland Sea, into which loading of man-made pollutants is conspicuous and the Tsushima Strait, into which Tsushima Current (an extension of oligotrophic Kuroshio Current) flows using single ship. After this route was closed in 1993, this aim was succeeded in 1994 by two ships: one plies in Seto inland sea between Osaka and Beppu and another plies between Osaka and Okinawa crossing the Kuroshio Current.

After the continuation of nearly one decade, the mission was transferred from CGER to Marine Environment Laboratory of NIES in March 2001. This monitoring owes largely to the cooperation of the ferry company and other organizations listed in Table 1. In this Web site, the monitoring results obtained in Seto Inland Sea from 1994 to 2001 will be introduced(Fig. 1).

From the viewpoint of evaluating the anthropogenic effect on the cycle of substances such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and silicon (Si)3), 4), spatial distribution, seasonal, and year to year variation were the major components for the monitoring as well as those of the phytoplankton properties.

Figure 1. Map of Observation Routes
(Click Seto Inland Sea for the extension)

Table 1. Observation sites and cooperating ferries
Route Year Ship names
Kobe-Pusan 1991-1993 Ferry Dan-noh (Osaka Kokusai Ferry Co., Ltd.)
Osaka-Naha 1994-1998 Ferry Kuroshio (Kansai Kisen Co., Ltd.)
Osaka-Hong Kong 1998-1999 M/S Alligator Hope (Shosen Mitsui Co.,Ltd.), Preliminary monitoring
Osaka-Beppu 1994-2005 94-97 Sunflower 2, 98- Sunflower Ivory (Kansai Kisen Co., Ltd.)
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