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The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) has long been monitoring aerosols and gases in the atmosphere at Cape Hedo in Kunigami Village, Okinawa, in order to reveal transboundary air pollution.  With the worsening of air pollution in East Asia due to rapid economic growth in the region, and the launch of the Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC) project by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), NIES recognized the importance of cooperation among the scientific community in Japan to further advance atmospheric observations, and developed the Cape Hedo Atmosphere and Aerosol Monitoring Station (CHAAMS).
Okinawa is the optimum location in Japan from which to monitor the atmospheric conditions in East Asia as air masses from Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia, can all be captured there, depending on the season.  A distinctive feature of CHAAMS is that it is a collaborative facility run on an open policy which removes divisions among scientific disciplines and organizations.

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@Observational Instruments and Participating Organizations
CHAAMS is mainly equipped with instruments for observing the chemical, optical, and physical properties of aerosols. State-of-the-art instruments, which can conduct continuous automatic observations for extended periods with high accuracy, sensitivity, and time resolution (e.g. Aerosol Mass Spectrometer), have been introduced alongside conventional instruments (e.g. Filter Sampler) used to provide inter-comparisons and verification. Concentrations of ozone and other gases are measured at the neighboring Hedo Acid Deposition Monitoring Site operated by the Ministry of the Environment. Please refer to the eList of Instruments and Participantsf for details of the parameters, instruments/data, and participating organizations.

@Applying to use CHAAMS
If you wish to participate in observations at CHAAMS, please contact takamia at in advance. CHAAMS steering committee at NIES will decide the suitability of your application.


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