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List of Instruments and Data

@List of Instruments and Data
Location: Cape Hedo, Okinawa 26.87N, 128.26E

A detailed description of each instrument and its data are available on the homepage of the operator.

operataion period
Optical properties (remote sensing) optical thickness, single scattering albedo, size distribution Skyradiometer, Prede POM-01 H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
same as above i-Sky radiometer, Prede POM-02 H. Irie, CEReS
Vertical distribution aerosol vertical profiles, depolarization Lidar, Sibata L2S-SM II N. Sugimoto, NIES Continuous
aerosol, NO2 column values and vertical profiles MAX-DOAS Y. Kanaya, JAMSTEC
Optical properties (in situ) scattering coefficient Nephelometer, TSI MODEL3563 H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
scattering coefficient Nephelometer Radiance Research M903 H. Irie, CEReS
absorption coefficient Aethalometer, Magee Scientific AE-31 H. Irie, CEReS
absorption coefficient PSAP, Radiance Research (Only for IFE) H. Irie, CEReS
Particle number size distribution OPC, Met One Model 237 Continuous
size distribution OPC, Royco LAS 236(Only for IFE)
Particle mass concentration particulate mass conc. TEOM Particulate mass monitor, R&P 1400 A. Takami, NIES Continuous
Operation period
Aerosol chemical components aerosol chemical composition Aerosol chemical speciation monitor, AERODYN A. Takami, NIES Continuous
nitrate conc. Nitrate monitor, R&P 8400N
filter sampling (organics PAH: quartz fiber filter) Hi-Vol Sampler, Sibata PM10/PM2.5 sampler, Peking Geological Instruments K. Sato, NIES
filter sampling (inorganic ions: Teflon filter) Hi-Vol sampler, Sibata T. Arakaki, Ryukyu U.
filter sampling (POPs) Hi-Vol sampler, Sibata Y. Takazawa, NIES
filter sampling (elements: polycarbonate filter) PM10, PM2.5 sampler, Peking Geological Instruments K. Sato, NIES
aerosol chemical composition TOF-Aerosol mass spectrometer, Labo-Made Y. Matsumi, STE 2006 spring
aerosol chemical composition Low pressure impactor, Tokyo Dylec LP-20, Low-vol, R&P N. Kaneyasu, AIST 2006, 2007 spring
filter sampling (organics: quartz fiber filter) Hi-Vol sampler, Sibata H. Tsuruta, AORI 2006 spring
filter sampling (Hg, Heavy Metal) Low-Vol sampler, Sibata , Hg-Monitor, Tekran, Precipitation monitor, Sibata Y. Shibata, NIES 2007 winter
filter sampling (organics: quartz fiber filter) Hi-Vol, Low-Vol sampler, Sibata, MOUDI K. Kawamura, Hokkaido U. 2007 spring
aerosol chemical composition (3 stages) 10Global sampler, Tokyo Dylec K. Osada, Nagoya U. 2007 spring
Operation period
Carbon (EC, OC, BC) elemental carbon and organic carbon concentrations Carbon monitor, R&P, 5400 (NIES) A. Takami, NIES Continuous
absorption coefficient BC monitor, TEI MAAP5012 H. Irie, CEReS
elemental carbon concentration COSMOS Y. Kondo, U. Tokyo 2008 Spring-
elemental carbon and organic carbon concentrations FRM2025, Tokyo Dylec S. Hasegawa, CESS 2009 Spring-
Deposition dry/wet dust deposition US-330, Ogasawara K. Osada, Nagoya U. 2008 Autumn-
Aerosol chemical character growth factor Tandem-DMA, TSI M. Mochida, Nagoya U. 2007 spring
ParameterInstrument type & Manufacturer (Owner)
operataion period
Microphysics cloud optical thickness,
effective radius
i-Sky radiometer, Prede, POM-02 H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
precipitable water, liquid water path Microwave radiometer, Radiometrics, WVR-1100
Cloud amount cloud fraction Skyview, Prede, PSV-100 Continuous
Height distribution liquid water profile Cloud radar, FM-CW 94GHz (Chiba U. made) T. Takano, Chiba U. Continuous

operataion period
Surface radiation direct solar radiation Pyheliometer, Kipp & Zonen CH-01 H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
global solar radiation Pyranometer, Kipp & Zonen CM21
terrestrial radiation Pygeometer, Eppley Lab. PIR

operataion period
NOy and HNO3(g) NOy and HNO3(g) conc. NOx monitor, TEI Model 42C (modified) H. Bandow, Osaka Pref. U. Continuous
HC HC (C =< 5) conc. HC monitoring system, GC, Shimadzu S. Sakamaki, Meijo U. Continuous
NH3 NH3 conc. NH3 monitor, Omnisense TGA310 A. Takami, NIES -2009 Summer
222Rn Radon conc. Radon monitoring system M.Furukawa and D.Motomura, Ryukyu U.
S.Tasaka and M.Matsubara, Gifu U.
2008 Summer-2010 Spring

operataion period
Meteorological conditions temp., humidity, press., rain, wind Weather Transmitter, VAISALA WXT510 A. Takami, NIES Continuous
temp. humidity, wind Ultrasonic Anemometer, Gill Wind Sonic H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
temperature, humidity, pressure Temperature/RH sensor, VISALA HMP45A Continuous
temperature, humidity, pressure Temperature/RH/Pressure sensor MET3 H. Irie, CEReS Continuous
AIST: National institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
AORI: Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
CEReS: Center for Environmental Remote Sencing, Chiba University
CESS: Center for Environmental Science in Saitama
NIES: National Institute for Environmental Studies
STE: Solar-Terestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University

List of Instruments and Data

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