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  1. Arakaki, T., S. Azechi, Y. Somada, M. Ijyu, F. Nakaema, Y. Hitomi, D. Handa, Y. Oshiro, Y. Miyagi, A. Tsuhako, H. Murayama, Y. Higaonna, A. Tanahara, A. Itoh, S. Fukushima, K. Higashi, Y. Henza, R. Nishikawa, H. Shinjo, and H. Wang, Spatial and Temporal Variations of Chemicals in the TSP Aerosols Simultaneously Collected at Three Islands in Okinawa, Japan, Atmospheric Environment (In press, 2014).

  2. Kanaya, Y., Irie, H., Takashima, H., Iwabuchi, H., Akimoto, H., Sudo, K., Gu, M., Chong, J., Kim, Y. J., Lee, H., Li, A., Si, F., Xu, J., Xie, P.-H., Liu, W.-Q., Dzhola, A., Postylyakov, O., Ivanov, V., Grechko, E., Terpugova, S., and Panchenko, M.: Long-term MAX-DOAS network observations of NO2 in Russia and Asia (MADRAS) during 2007--2012: instrumentation, elucidation of climatology, and comparisons with OMI satellite observations and global model simulations, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 7909-7927, 2014.

  3. Lamsal, L. N., N. A. Krotkov, E. A. Celarier, W. H. Swartz, K. E. Pickering, E. J. Bucsela, J. F. Gleason, R. V. Martin, S. Philip, H. Irie, A. Cede, J. Herman, A. Weinheimer, J. J. Szykman, and T. N. Knepp, Evaluation of OMI operational standard NO2 column retrievals using in situ and surface-based NO2 observations, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discuss., 14, 14519-14573, June 5, 2014.

  4. Osada, K.; Ura, S.; Kagawa, M.; et al.,Wet and dry deposition of mineral dust particles in Japan: factors related to temporal variation and spatial distribution ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 14, 2, 1107-1121, 2014

  5. Matsui, H., M. Koike, Y. Kondo, N. Oshima, N. Moteki, Y. Kanaya, A. Takami, and M. Irwin, Seasonal variations of Asian black carbon outflow to the Pacific: Contribution from anthropogenic sources in China and biomass burning sources in Siberia and Southeast Asia, J. Geophys. Res., 118, 9948-996, doi:10.1002/jgrd.50702 (2013).

  6. Arakaki, T., C. Anastasio, Y. Kuroki, H. Nakajima, K. Okada, Y. Kotani, D. Handa, S. Azechi, T. Kimura, A. Tsuhako, and Y. Miyagi, A General Scavenging Rate Constant for the Reaction of Hydroxyl Radical with Organic Carbon in Atmospheric Waters, Environmental Science and Technology, doi: 10.1021/es401927b, 47, 8196-8203 (2013).

  7. Irie, H., K. F. Boersma, Y. Kanaya, H. Takashima, X. Pan, and Z. F. Wang, Quantitative bias estimates for tropospheric NO2 columns retrieved from SCIAMACHY, OMI, and GOME-2 using a common standard for East Asia, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 2403- 2411, 2012.

  8. Kajino, M.; Inomata, Y.; Sato, K.; et al.,Development of the RAQM2 aerosol chemical transport model and predictions of the Northeast Asian aerosol mass, size, chemistry, and mixing type ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 12, 24, 11833-11856, 2012

  9. Verma, R. L.; Kondo, Y.; Oshima, N.; et al.,Seasonal variations of the transport of black carbon and carbon monoxide from the Asian continent to the western Pacific in the boundary layer JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 116 Article Number: D21307, NOV 10 2011

  10. Ueda, S.; Osada, K.; Takami, A.,Morphological features of soot-containing particles internally mixed with water-soluble materials in continental outflow observed at Cape Hedo, Okinawa, Japan JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 116 Article Number: D17207, SEP 15 2011

  11. Kondo, Y.; Oshima, N.; Kajino, M.; et al.,Emissions of black carbon in East Asia estimated from observations at a remote site in the East China Sea JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 116 Article Number: D16201, AUG 16 2011

  12. Takashima, H.; Irie, H.; Kanaya, Y.; et al.,Enhanced NO2 at Okinawa Island, Japan caused by rapid air-mass transport from China as observed by MAX-DOAS ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 45, 15, 2593-2597, MAY 2011

  13. Kuribayashi, Masatoshi; Ohara, Toshimasa; Shimizu, Atsushi,Temporal Variation and Vertical Structure of the Marine Atmospheric Mixed Layer over the East China Sea from Mie-Scattering Lidar Data SOLA, 7, 189-192, 2011

  14. Lazaar, Manuel; Kawamura, Kimitaka,Size Distributions of Low Molecular Weight Dicarboxylic Acids, Ketocarboxylic Acids and alpha-Dicarbonyls in the Marine Aerosols Collected over Okinawa Island, the Western North Pacific Edited by: Ceccaldi, HJ; Dekeyser, I; Girault, M; et al.

  15. Hara, Yukari; Uno, Itsushi; Shimizu, Atsushi; et al.,Seasonal Characteristics of Spherical Aerosol Distribution in Eastern Asia: Integrated Analysis Using Ground/Space-Based Lidars and a Chemical Transport Model SOLA, 7, 2011

  16. Osada, K.; Ura, S.; Kagawa, M.; et al.,Temporal and Spatial Variations of Wet Deposition Flux of Mineral Dust in Japan SOLA, 7, 49-52, 2011

  17. Mochida, Michihiro; Nishita-Hara, Chiharu; Kitamori, Yasuyuki; et al.,Size-segregated measurements of cloud condensation nucleus activity and hygroscopic growth for aerosols at Cape Hedo, Japan, in spring 2008 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 115 Article Number: D21207, NOV 11 2010

  18. Yuba, A.; Sadanaga, Y.; Takami, A.; et al.,Measurement System for Particulate Nitrate Based on the Scrubber Difference NO-O-3 Chemiluminescence Method in Remote Areas ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 82, 21, 8916-8921, NOV 1 2010

  19. Handa, D., H. Nakajima, T. Arakaki, H. Kumata, Y. Shibata and M. Uchida, Radiocarbon Analysis of BC and OC in PM10 Aerosols at Cape Hedo, Okinawa, Japan, during Long-Range Transport Events from East Asian Countries, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics, B, 268, 1125-1128 (2010).

  20. Khatri, Pradeep; Takamura, Tamio; Shimizu, Atsushi; et al.,Spectral Dependency of Aerosol Light-Absorption over the East China Sea Region SOLA , 6 , 1-4 , 2010

  21. Takashima, H.; Irie, H.; Kanaya, Y.; et al.,Atmospheric aerosol variations at Okinawa Island in Japan observed by MAX-DOAS using a new cloud-screening method JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 114 Article Number: D18213, SEP 29 2009

  22. Lun Xiaoxiu; Takami, Akinori; Miyoshi, Takao; et al., Characteristic of organic aerosol in a remote area of Okinawa Island JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA, 21, 10, 1371-1377, 2009

  23. Irie, Hitoshi; Kanaya, Yugo; Takashima, Hisahiro; et al., Characterization of OMI Tropospheric NO2 Measurements in East Asia Based on a Robust Validation Comparison SOLA, 5, 117-120, 2009

  24. Nakajima, H., K. Okada, Y. Kuroki, Y. Nakama, D. Handa, T. Arakaki, A. Tanahara, Photochemical Formation of Peroxides and Fluorescence Characteristics of Water-Soluble Fraction of Bulk Aerosols Collected in Okinawa, Japan, Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 42, 3046-4058 (2008).

  25. Chand, Duli; Jaffe, Daniel; Prestbo, Eric; et al.,Reactive and particulate mercury in the Asian marine boundary layer ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 42, 34, 7988-7996, NOV 2008

  26. Sato, Kei; Li, Hong; Tanaka, Yurie; et al.,Long-range transport of particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at Cape Hedo remote island site in the East China Sea between 2005 and 2008 JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY, 61, 3, 243-257, NOV 2008

  27. Sadanaga, Yasuhiro; Yuba, Akie; Kawakami, Jun-ichi; et al.,A gaseous nitric acid analyzer for the remote atmosphere based on the scrubber difference/NO-ozone chemiluminescence method ANALYTICAL SCIENCES, 24, 8, 967-971, AUG 2008

  28. Takiguchi, Yoshihiro; Takami, Akinori; Sadanaga, Yasuhiro; et al.,Transport and transformation of total reactive nitrogen over the East China Sea JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 113, D10 Article Number: D10306, MAY 29 2008

  29. Suthawaree, Jeeranut; Kato, Shungo; Takami, Akinori; et al.,Observation of ozone and carbon monoxide at Cape Hedo, Japan: Seasonal variation and influence of long-range transport ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 42, 13, 2971-2981, APR 2008

  30. Piekarz, Arkadiusz M.; Primbs, Toby; Field, Jennifer A.; et al.,Semivolatile fluorinated organic compounds in Asian and western U.S air masses ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 41, 24, 8248-8255, DEC 15 2007

  31. Takami, Akinori; Miyoshi, Takao; Shimono, Akio; et al.,Transport of anthropogenic aerosols from Asia and subsequent chemical transformation JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 112, D22 Article Number: D22S31, NOV 17 2007

  32. Primbs, T.; Simonich, S.; Schmedding, D.; Wilson, G.; Jaffe, D.; Takami, A.; Kato, S.; Hatakeyama, S.; Kajii, Y. Atmospheric outflow of anthropogenic semivolatile organic compounds from East Asia in spring 2004. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2007, 41 (10), 3551-3558.

  33. Okada, K. Y. Kuroki, Y. Nakama T. Arakaki, and A. Tanahara, Wavelength-Dependence of Photochemical Formation of Fe(II) in Aqueous Extracts of Aerosol Particles Collected in Okinawa, Japan, Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 40, 7790-7795 (2006).

  34. Jaffe, D; Prestbo, E; Swartzendruber, P; et al.,Export of atmospheric mercury from Asia ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 39, 17, 3029-3038, JUN 2005

  35. Murano, K; Mukai, H; Hatakeyama, S; et al.,Trans-boundary air pollution over remote islands in Japan: observed data and estimates from a numerical model Conference: 6th Scientific Conference of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project (IGAC) Location: BOLOGNA, ITALY Date: SEP 13-17, 1999

  36. Lee, S; Akimoto, H; Nakane, H; et al.,Lower tropospheric ozone trend observed in 1989-1997 at Okinawa, Japan GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 25, 10, 1637-1640, MAY 15 1998

@30 refereed articles were published in Japanese language.

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