Day 1: 4th December (Wednesday)

9:30~9:40 Mr. Hiroshi Tsujihara  Greeting from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
9:40~10:20 Dr. Seita Emori  Explanation of the ICA-RUS project

10:20~10:30 Break

13:00~14:00 Lunch

14:00~14:10 Prof. Yasushi Honda  Introduction of Theme 3
14:10~14:55 Mr. Simon Lloyd  How we know what we know about the climate-undernutrition relation at the global level
14:55~15:15 Prof. Yasushi Honda  Heat-related health impact due to climate change
15:15~15:35 Dr. Yoshihiko Iseri and Dr. Lim Wee Ho  Climate change risks on food shortage, floods and tropical cyclones
15:35~15:50 Coffee Break
15:50~16:35 Prof. Paul Valdes  Modelling past rapid climate change events
16:35~16:50 Dr. Dian Handiani  Towards paleo-climatic constraints on abrupt climate change
16:50~17:15 Discussion

17:15~17:45 Discussion

18:00~19:30 Reception@Seagull (11th Floor of the same building for the workshop)

Day 2: 5 December (Thursday)

Part I: Classification of public perception
Prof. Edward Maibach
 Climate Change: Identifying Publics to Enhance Understanding and Engagement
Chair and Discussant: Dr. Shintaro Munakata
 Coffee Break
Part II: Uncertainty assessment and assumption hunting
Dr. Jeroen van der Sluijs
 Dealing with uncertainty in Integrated Assessment: The NUSAP approach
Chair: Prof. Yuko Fujigaki
Discussant: Prof. Togo Tsukahara and Dr. Yasunori Yamanouchi

12:15~13:15 Lunch

Day 3: 6 December (Friday) / Sustainable Negative Emissions: A Climate Risk Management Option?

12:00~12:30 General Discussion
12:30 Closing of ICA-RUS workshop (*Formally, the ICA-RUS workshop is closed here. However, participants of the ICA-RUS workshop are encouraged to participate in the afternoon sessions of the Negative Emission workshop continuously.)
13:30~15:00 Session NE2
Dr. Nebojsa Nakicenovic  Carbon fluxes in scenarios with significant NE based on GEA, RCPs and CMIP5
Dr. Michael Obersteiner  Climate risk management using BECCS - revisited
Dr. Florian Kraxner  Multiple objectives and interaction with other (land-based) emission reduction options

15:00~15:30 Coffee Break

15:30~17:00 Session NE3
 Dr. Sabine Fuss   BECCS as a climate risk management tool: opportunity, uncertainty and pitfalls
 Dr. Daniel Johansson   The role of BECCS in meeting global temperature targets
 Dr. Massimo Tavoni   Negative emissions in the transitional pathways to climate stabilization: role and challenges

17:00~17:45 Discussion/Wrapup