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Iris pseudacorus

Basic information
Scientific name Iris pseudacorus

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Common names Water flag, Yellow flag, Yellowflag iris
Higher taxon Iridaceae, Asparagales, Liliopsida, Magnoliophyta
Natural range West Asia, Europe.
Habitat Crop field, edge of forest, lake or pond, stream.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Almost entire Japan Range in Japan
Date Late 19C to early 20C
Route Deliberate: as ornamental plant
Impact Competition with native and crop plants. Hybridization with native Iris
Affected organism: Native aquatic and crop plants (competition). Native Iris. Several native Iris taxa are listed in the Japanese national Red List.
Regulation in Japan Keeping of this species in Saga Pref. are controled by a prefectural ordinance.
Introduced range in other countries Africa, New Zealand, North and Latin America,
Reference Notes
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100 of the Japan’s Worst Invasive Alien Species.
This species often used for making biotope.