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Amphibalanus amphitrite

Basic information
Scientific name Amphibalanus amphitrite (No picture)
Common names striped barnacle
Higher taxon Balanidae, Sessilia, Maxillopoda, Arthropoda
Natural range Unknown due to worldwide introduction.
Habitat Rock reef and harbor of inner bay.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Tokyo Bay, coast of Mie Pref., Osaka Bay, western coast of Kyushu. Range in Japan
Origin Postulated to be Phillippine.
Date By 1937.
Route With ballast water or fouling on ships.
Impact Competition with native and fishery fouling animals. Pollution by fouling on ships, intake facilities, etc.
Affected organism: Cultured oyster, pearl oyster, etc.
Regulation in Japan Release of A. amphitrite, A. mprovisus, and A. eburneus are prohibited in Aichi Prefecture (29 Mar 2012).
Introduced range in other countries Worldwide
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