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Pomacea canaliculata

Basic information
Scientific name Pomacea canaliculata (No picture)
Common names Apple snail
Higher taxon Ampullariidae, Architaenioglossa, Gastropoda, Mollusca
Natural range South America
Habitat Freshwater, such as rice fields.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Central to western Japan including Ryukyu Islands. Range in Japan
Origin Taiwan
Date 1981
Route For food. Cultured as a side business.
Impact Feeding crops such as rice, lotus, rush, etc. Serious in southern areas of Japan.
Affected organism: Rice, lotus, water arum, rush, etc.
Regulation in Japan Ampullariidae is designated as a Quarantine Pest (the Plant Protection Law). Keeping this species is prohibited in Shiga Pref. Release of this species is prohibited in Aichi Pref.
Introduced range in other countries SE Asia, continental China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hawaii, etc.
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