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Mytilus galloprovincialis

Basic information
Scientific name Mytilus galloprovincialis (No picture)
Common names Mediterranean mussel
Higher taxon Mytilidae, Mytiloida, Bivalvia, Mollusca
Natural range Coast of Mediterranean Sea.
Habitat Fouling on rocks and artificial materials in intertidal zone.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Coast of entire Japan. There are records in the following small islands: Teuri, Yagishiri, Sado, Bonin(Ogasawara), Oki, Awajishima, Tsushima, Iki, Yakushima, Kerama Group, Iriomotejima, etc. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date The oldest record in Japan was in 1932, at Kobe Port, Hyogo pref.
Route Ballast water or fouling on ship. There is a record of fouling of this species on a drifted buoy made in China.
Impact Competition with native or fishery fouling animals (molluscs, barnacles, etc.), hybridization with a native congener M. trossulus, water pollution by numerous dead mussel.
Native organism(s) affected: Coastal animal community and aquafarming products. A native congener M. trossulus
Regulation in Japan
Introduced range in other countries N Korea, SE Australia, South Africa, western coast of N America
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