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Rana nigromaculata

Basic information
Scientific name Rana nigromaculata

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Major synonym Pelophylax nigromaculatus
Common names black-spotted pond frog
Higher taxon Ranidae, Anura, Amphibia
Natural range Continental China, Korean Peninsula, and Japan. In Japan, Honshu (except Kanto District, Sendai Plain, and Shinano River basin), Shikoku, Kyushu, and several peripheral islents (Hirado, Tanegashima, etc.).
Habitat Lowland rice field and pond.
Invasion information
Range in Japan A part of Hokkaido, Tsushima (Toyotamacho) Range in Japan
Origin From Shizuoka to Hokkaido, and from mainland of Nagasaki Pref. to Tsushima.
Date The first records in Hokkaido and Tsushima was in 1993 and 2003, respectively.
Route Deliberate: Release of education material (Hokkaido).
Unknown for Tsushima population.
Impact In Kitahiroshima of Hokkaido, a native frog Hyla japonica tend to have small population size in rice fields with Rana nigromaculata. This implies an impact of competition and/or predation on native frogs. Predation on native invertebrates. There is a record of predation on a larva of Cybister japonicus.
Native organism(s) affected: Native frogs (competition, predation). Terrestrial and aquatic invetebrates (predation).
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries Eastern Turkmenistan. An isolated population in Yunnan, continental China might be non-native.
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