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Hemidactylus frenatus

Basic information
Scientific name Hemidactylus frenatus

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Major synonym Hemidactylus okinawensis, Pnoepus frenatus
Common names house gecko
Higher taxon Gekkonidae, Sauria (Lacertilia), Squamata, Reptilia
Natural range Unknown.
Habitat Crop field, some kind of farm area, urban area.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Major islands in Amami, Okinawa, Daito, Sakishima, and Ogasawara Islands. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date Unknown.
Route Accidental: With building material or garden tree, etc. There is a record of observation in a cargo and passenger ship between Kyushu and Okinawajima Island.
Impact Unknown. Predation of insects and competition with native reptiles possibly occur.
Native organism(s) affected: Insects (predation). Arboreal geckos and lizards.
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries Worldwide in tropical and subtropical area, except inland region.
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