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Cuora flavomarginata subspp.

Basic information
Scientific name Cuora flavomarginata subspp.

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Common names yellow-margined box turtle
Higher taxon Geoemydidae, Testudines, Reptilia
Natural range Southeastern continental China and Taiwan (C. f. flavomarginata), and Yaeyama Islands (Ishigakijima and Iriomotejima Is.) (C. f. evelynae).
Habitat Terrestrial. Forest floor of broadleaved forest, humid habitat such as around swamp or river.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Unknown subspecies populations are established in Okinawa Islands (Okinawajima and Kumejima Is.), Sakishima Islands (Miyakojima and Kuroshima Is.). Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date Unknown. Many records in 1980s to 2000s. There is a record in 19C at Okinawajima Is.
Route Deliberate: Release or escape of pet animals possibly imported from continental China or Taiwan.
Impact Hybridization, competition, predation.
Affected organism: Native geoemydid turtles such as Geoemyda japonica. Hybridization often occur between different species or genera of geoemydid turtles. There is an evidence of hybridization between this species and G. japonica. Prey animals such as soil dwelling invertebrates.
Regulation in Japan Listed in CITES Appendix II. In Japan, Subspecies C. f. evelynae is protected as a Natural Monument.
Introduced range in other countries
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