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Pavo cristatus

Basic information
Scientific name Pavo cristatus

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Common names Common peafowl, Peafowl, Indian peafowl, Blue peafowl
Higher taxon Phasianidae, Galliformes, Aves
Natural range Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh
Habitat Forest in low altitude, grass land, farm area.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Established in Sakishima Islands (Miyakojima, Irabujima, Ishigakijima, Kohamajima, Kuroshima, Aragusukujima, and Yonagunijima Is.). Observed also in Iwojima (Osumi Islands). Introduced in Fukushima, Saitama, Shiga, Mie, and Ehime Prefs., and Shodoshima Is. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date 1969 or earlier.
Route Deliberate: Escape from captivity (pet animal or zoo)
Impact Actually: Predation on reptiles and butterflies (Kohamajima and Aragusukujima Is.). Decline of birds by competition for food (Aragusukujima Is.). Damage on agriculture.
Native organism(s) affected: Lizards (Plestiodon kishinouyei, etc.), butterflies (Parantica sita, Idea leuconoe, etc.), etc.
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Bahama, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Melanesia, Andaman, St. Helena, etc.
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