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Saimiri sciureus

Basic information
Scientific name Saimiri sciureus (No picture)
Common names Common Squirrel Monkey
Higher taxon Cebidae, Primates, Mammalia
Natural range Northern part of S America (NE Peru - Venezuela - Surinam - Amazon Basin)
Habitat Forest, mangrove
Invasion information
Range in Japan Frequently recorded in Izu Peninsula, central Japan. Whether established or not is unknown. Range in Japan
Route Imported as pets or zoo animals.
Impact Potentially: predation on native insects, bird eggs, etc. This species is the natural host of Herpesvirus tamarinus, a deadly virus for other primates.
Native organism(s) affected: Native insects, birds, primates, etc.
Regulation in Japan Import for pet is prohibited due to infectious disease.
Introduced range in other countries Established in Florida, USA.
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