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Vulpes vulpes schrencki

Basic information
Scientific name Vulpes vulpes schrencki

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Common names Red fox
Higher taxon Canidae, Carnivora, Mammalia
Natural range Hokkaido, Kunashiri and Etorofu Is. (Southern Chishima (Kuril) Islands). Vulpes vulpes is distributed most part of Eurasia except Southeast Asia, and a part of northern Africa. On Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu of Japan, the subspecies V. v. japonica is distributed.
Habitat Various habitat. Tundra, deserts, forests, grasslands, city area in coastal to alpine zones.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Saitama and Chiba Prefs. Range in Japan
Impact Potentially: Competition, hybridization with native fox. Carrying a zoonosis pathogen Echinococcus multilocularis.
Native organism(s) affected: Native subspecies Vulpes vulpes japonica (competition and hybridization). Various animals and human susceptible to Echinococus
Regulation in Japan
Introduced range in other countries Vulpes vulpes has been established on Isle of Man (UK), Australia, Canada, USA mainland, and Mexico (Baja California). In some parts of Australia and Alaska, this species has been successfully eradicated.
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Vulpes vulpes is one of the 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species.