Objectives of the Workshop

ICA-RUS (Integrated Climate Assessment - Risks, Uncertainties and Society) is the 5-year strategic R&D area project of the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund by the Ministry of the Environment (Japan), which started in June 2012 with the objective of developing global climate risk management strategies. In the first year of ICA-RUS, we discussed how to strengthen collaboration between different research themes, as well as coordinating the way that ICA-RUS research results were disseminated, through the formats of ICA-RUS Integration Meetings (monthly meetings) and the ICA-RUS Report (annual research report).

We also worked to disseminate an overview of ICA-RUS research to the world through participation in international conferences such as the IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference, the AGU, the EGU, and the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference. FY2013 is the second year of the 5-year ICA-RUS project. The first year has passed and the initial research of each theme has progressed. In order to increase the international profile of the project, it is crucial to disseminate these findings, even though provisional, amongst both the domestic and international research communities. At the same time, it is desirable for each research theme not only to steadily implement the overall research plan in anticipation of the interim assessment in 2014, but also to reconfirm worldwide research trends, as well as actual policies in force in individual countries and present conditions of international negotiations, and reflect these findings in the development of ICA-RUS as necessary.

CCRP-PJ2 (Climate Change Research Program, Project2) is one of the 5-year Priority Research Programs exercised by the National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan) which started in April 2011, and has similar objectives to ICA-RUS, in terms of researching global climate risk management strategies. CCRP-PJ2 deals with the interpretation of climate projections/climate impact predictions focusing on uncertainties, developing a method to analyze interactions between climate/land areas/human activities, and establishing fundamental knowledge for studying risk management policies. It has also continued examinations of framework for risk management strategies. Its research findings have been positively adopted by ICA-RUS when investigating risk management strategies.

With this in mind, ICA-RUS and CCRP-PJ2 have decided to co-host an international workshop between 4th-6th December 2013, and to invite leading international researchers in related fields. In this workshop, a substantial amount of time will be allocated not only for presentations of major research results by ICA-RUS/CCRP-PJ2 participants/collaborators and advanced research by speakers invited from abroad, but also for discussion of future research directions and other topics.

ICA-RUS, the strategic R&D area project of the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund by the Ministry of the Environment, S-10 ‘Integrated Research on the Development of Global Climate Risk Management Strategies’ (Project Leader: Seita EMORI)
CCRP-PJ2, Climate Change Research Program by National Institute for Environmental Studies, Project 2 ‘Climate Change and Global Risk Assessment’ (Project Leader: Seita EMORI)