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Tridentiger brevispinis

Basic information
Scientific name Tridentiger brevispinis

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Common names Numachichibu
Higher taxon Gobiidae, Perciformes, Actinopterygii
Natural range Continental China, Korean Peninsula, and Japan mainland.
Habitat Middle to lower (brackish) part of river, brackish lakes, reservoir pond, etc., with rocky or pebble bottom.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Okutamako (Tokyo), Ashinoko (Kanagawa), Fuji Five Lakes (Yamanashi), Horaiko (Aichi), and Biwako (Shiga) Lakes. Range in Japan
Origin Within Japan. According to DNA analysis, Biwako Lake population was from region along Sea of Japan coast, whereas Ashinoko and Fuji Five Lakes populations were from Kanto District.
Date Unknown.
Route Unknown.
Impact Competition against native species.
Affected organism: Fishes.
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries None.
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