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Gasterosteus cf. microcephalus

Basic information
Scientific name Gasterosteus cf. microcephalus (No picture)
Common names Hariyo
Higher taxon Gasterosteidae, Gasterosteiformes, Actinopterygii
Natural range Mie [extinct], NE Shiga, and SW Gifu Prefs., Japan.
Habitat Lentic or slow stream with muddy or sandy bottom, 20°C or lower temperature, and water grass.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Gifu (introduced from Shiga Pref.) and Hyogo Prefs. Range in Japan
Origin Gifu Pref. introduced population originated from Shiga Pref.
Date Unknown.
Route Unknown.
Impact Unknown impact.
Regulation in Japan Capture of this species is prohibited by Shiga and Gifu Pref. local gov.
Introduced range in other countries
Reference Notes
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Although “Hariyo” have been identified as “G. microcephalus” (type locality: North America), some authors pointed out the taxonomic treatment is questionable.