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Outline of Research

Contributing to the appropriate management of measurement data and the assurance of its reliability with revolutionary developments in environmental measurement technologies

We develop methodologies to better understand and monitor environmental conditions and changes, and to assess the biological impacts of environmental stress. We also forward measurement techniques and technologies which contribute to identifying the warning signs of new environmental deterioration by developing and optimizing our surveys and research. In addition, we implement research aimed at the development of techniques to preserve and use environmental samples and to further assure the reliability of measurement data and its appropriate management.

(left) Atmospheric measurement using lasers
(top right) Consolidating the quality of measurement data
(bottom right) Brain measurement in vivo

  • Production and provision of environmental reference materials using actual environmental samples
  • Development of universal and comprehensive analysis methods for organic compounds such as persistent organic pollutants
  • Development of measurement technologies for inorganic isotopes with an emphasis on Carbon 14 and Mercury
  • Development of tracers for elucidation of the dynamics of ocean circulation and atmospheric trace gases
  • CNS sensitivity measurements for environmental stress
  • Measurement of aerosols using satellites and terrestrial networks
  • Development of a method for ecosystem monitoring making use of image instrumentation technologies