The Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research is conducting research programs through interdisciplinary cooperation with other research centers during the term of the Forth Midterm Plan (fiscal 2016-2020).

Environment-Economy-Society Integration Research Program

Taking the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change as its departure point, this program develops multilayer models that quantitatively analyze the solutions to both issues on socio-economic activities and environmental problems including those of sustainable material cycles, harmonization with nature, and health and environmental safety, on a variety of scales including global, Asia, Japan, municipality/local, and livelihood.

Its aim is to table proposals for both long-term vision formulation and short-term initiatives based on qualitative descriptive scenarios and quantitative scenarios derived from results assessed by models.

The following three projects (PJs) are being pursued under this program:
PJ1 for making analysis from a global or Asian perspective.
PJ2 for presenting roadmaps for Japan from a regional community perspective.
PJ3 for assessing sustainability from the perspective of policy evaluation.

In cooperation with the other programs, this program conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses pertaining to the future vision for each scale from the perspectives of environmental, economic, and societal sustainability, and also designs and evaluates international and local/urban policies needed to realize the intended future vision. Additionally, the program will build systems to assist the implementation and realization of proposed policies, response measures, and technologies.

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Fig.Layered scope of the Environment-Economy-Society Integration Research Program
Layered scope of the Environment-Economy-Society Integration Research Program

Low-Carbon Research Program

In cooperatioin with Center for Global Environmental Reserach.
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Fig. Research map of Low Carbon Research Program
Reserach map of Low Carbon Research Program


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