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  • 2018-1-10
    Dou Y.,Tanikawa H.,Fujita T.,Fujii M.,Okuoka K.(2017)Best Creative Research Award
    "Integrated planning and assessment for low-carbon eco-city development through strategic urban renewal and energy symbiosis"
    awarded by 2017 Graduate Student Forum on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  • 2018-1-9
    Editors:Fujimori Shinichiro, Kainuma Mikiko, Masui Toshihiko
  • 2017-12-21
    "Contribution of the transport sector to climate change mitigation: Insights from a global passenger transport model coupled with a computable general equilibrium model"
    Runsen Zhang, Shinichiro Fujimori, Hancheng Dai, Tatsuya Hanaoka
  • 2017-12-18
    Date: November 27 - 29, 2017
    Place: At Ohyama Memorial Hall, National Institute for Environmental Studies, 305-8506, Tsukuba, Japan
  • 2017-12-18
    "Potential of Waste Heat Exchange Considering Industrial Location Changes: A Case of Shinchi-Soma Region in Fukushima, Japan"
    Yi DOU, Minoru FUJII, Tsuyoshi FUJITA, Kei GOMI, Seiya MAKI, Hiroki TANIKAWA

    "Feasibility of Developing Heat Exchange Network between Incineration Facilities and Industries in Cities: Case of Tokyo Metropolitan Area"
    Yi Dou, Satoshi Ohnishi, Minoru Fujii, Takuya Togawa,Tsuyoshi Fujita, Hiroki Tanikawa, Liang Dong

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  • Environment-Economy-Society Integration Research Program
  • Low-carbon Research Program

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