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IINO Shigenori

Researcher Name
IINO Shigenori
Div (Section) name/title
Fukushima Regional Collaborative Research Center (FRECC)(Wastes and Material Cycles Research Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject
Technologies and systems for recycling waste

Doctor of Engineering
Professional Qualification(s)
System Engineering,Chemistry,Civil Engineering
Environmental Speciality Field
Solid waste management engineering,Environmental system engineering,Resource engineering
Incineration,Material flow,Mathematical optimization
Brief Description of Research
・Formation of a regional circular and ecological sphere centered on waste management
・Flow and stock analysis in waste treatment/disposal
・Research on environmental safety quality management of molten slag
・Evaluation of circulation technology system aiming at carbon negative emission in waste treatment
・Prediction of properties of incineration residue and recycling model corresponding to changes in social structure and lifestyle
2013.4-2020.3 Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection
2020.4- Researcher, Fukushima Branch, NIES
2021.7- Senior researcher, Fukushima Regional Collaborative Research Center, NIES
Membership of Academic Society
Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management,Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE),The mining and materials processing institute of Japan
Research Subject
  • Fiscal Year: 2021
    • 25511 : Material circulation and sequestration technology
    • 25526 : Technical system research for reconstruction and environmental recovery in areas where residents return
    • 25529 : Studies for emergence of regional resources and systems at Hama-dori, Fukushima, lifted the evacuation instruction
    • 25530 : Making a resilient material cycle and waste management system at local level to tackle mega-disasters
    • 25699 : Development of a comprehensive environmental management approach to prepare for future nuclear disasters from environmental perspectives
    • 25733 : Study on stabilization and closure for seashore landfill sites
    • 25740 : Waste / resource circulation flow and radioactive material monitoring in difficult-to-return areas
    • 25742 : Study on stable operation of incineration facilities and utilization of incineration residue corresponding to changes in waste composition
    • 25782 : Conceptual design of an online tool for consumers to understand and reduce their material and carbon footprints
    • 25786 : Study on the major technical aspects related to the development of local disaster waste management policies
    • 25788 : Advancement of waste treatment and disposal technology and its adaptation to Asia
    • 25915 : Study on advanced science and engineering for sustainable material cycles
  • Fiscal Year: 2020
    • 25103 : Environmental Emergency Management Research Program
    • 25125 : Environmental Emergency Management Office
    • 25135 : Development of Next Generation Technologies for“3R”
    • 25152 : Development of Management System for Radioactively Contaminated Off-Site Waste
    • 25159 : Establishment of disaster resilience in material cycle and waste management system
    • 25229 : Upgrading Test Methods and Evaluation System in Waste Management for Recycling and Disposal
    • 25230 : Establishment of incineration bottom ash green reforming technology combining physical sorting and aging
    • 25231 : Study on stable operation of incineration facilities and utilization of incineration residue corresponding to changes in waste composition
Research Result (Publication)
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