The7th NIES Workshop on E-waste Second Announcement

The7th NIES Workshop on E-waste Second Announcement


E-waste is a term used for various waste electrical and electronic equipment such as used TV sets, personal computers, air conditioners, mobile phones, refrigerators etc. E-waste contains scarce metal resources; however, it also contains hazardous substances: lead, cadmium and mercury. Recently, in Asian countries such as China, the Philippines and Vietnam, e-waste generation is increasing due to economic development, and informal recycling of e-waste has been a major concern for environmental pollution and health damage.

The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) has organized international workshops on e-waste since 2004. In the past 6 workshops, together with Asian and other countries’ experts, we have shared information on various topics, such as e-waste inventory, resource recovery and toxic potentials, transboundary movement, reuse and extended producer responsibilities, and discussed the current status and issues of e-waste.

The 7th E-waste workshop, will include 15 speakers/discussers from 8 Asian countries, and will focus on three issues: (1) E-waste recycling and treatment processes, (2) Environment and human health impacts of informal recycling of E-waste, (3) Proper collection, reuse and recycling and regulatory framework development of e-waste. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss what kinds of countermeasures and policy interventions are necessary for environmental sound e-waste management.

We are looking forward to your participation in the workshop!

Date October 19, 2010
Venue Conference Room (Climate Change Research Hall, 1st Floor)
at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba)
Organizer National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Language English
Participation Fee Free
Registration Participants other than speakers are required to pre-register.
Send your name, affiliation, and contact address (Mailing address, E-mail, TEL and FAX) to or FAX (+81-29-850-2931)
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Secretariat/Organizer of the E-waste WS

Dr. A. Yoshida , Dr A. Terazono, Mr. K. Takahata, Ms. K. Sato, Ms. M. Watanabe
International Material Cycles Section, Research Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management, NIES
TEL: +81-29-850-2985 FAX: +81-29-850-2931

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Tentative Program

October 19th
Opening Remarks    by Dr. Shinichiro OHGAKI (President of NIES, Japan)
9:45-12:00 Session 1 “Classification of E-waste Processing Technology in Selected Asian Countries”

Nguyen Duc QUANG (Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam) “E-waste recycling in Vietnam: defining the status”

Le Thanh SANG (Southern Institute of Sustainable Development, Vietnam) “Informal Recycling Practices of E-waste in Southern Vietnam -Preliminary Findings”

Florencio C. BALLESTEROS, Jr. (Univ. of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines) “A Scientific Enquiry of E-waste Generation and Management in the Philippines by Formal and Informal Waste Recyclers: Past and future prospects”

Jingwei WANG (Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, China) “Tack-Back System and Recycling Technology of WEEE in China”

Aya YOSHIDA (NIES) “Informal Recycling of Printed Circuit Boards in Asian Countries”

12:00-13:15 Lunch
13:15-15:00 Session 2 “Toxicity and Resource Recovery of E-waste Recycling”

Hidetaka Takigami (NIES), Fujimori Takashi (NIES), Tetsuro Agusa (Shimane Univ., Japan) Akifumi Eguchi (Ehime Univ), Kanae Bekki (NIES), Aya Yoshida (NIES), Atsushi Terazono (NIES), Florencio C. Ballesteros Jr. (Univ. of Philippines) “Determination of Heavy Metals at Formal and informal E-waste recycling sites in the Philippines”

Takashi Fujimori (NIES), Hidetaka Takigami (NIES) “Spatial Pollution of Heavy Metals in Soil at an E-waste Recycling Site in the Philippines: Application of handheld X-ray fluorescence”

Nguyen Minh TUE (Ehime Univ., Japan), Shin TAKAHASHI (Ehime Univ., Japan) “Human Exposure to Brominated Flame Retardants and Dioxin-Related Compounds in Vietnamese E-waste Recycling Sites”

Xia HUO (Shantou University Medical College, China) ” Recyle of e-waste in Guiyu, China.”

15:00-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-17:15 Session 3 “E-waste Inventory and Appropriate Management Policy of E-waste”

Atsushi TERAZONO (NIES) “Material Flow and Management Measures of E-waste”

So-young KIM (Kyoto Univ., Japan) “Estimate of Electronic Waste Generation and its Implication in South Korea”

Sujitra VASSANADUMRONGDEE (Chulalongkorn Univ., Thailand) “E-waste Management in Thailand: Current Challenges and Future Prospect”

Rie MURAKAMI -SUZUKI(NIES) “Collection and Recycling Systems of Used Mobile Phone-Case Study of Japan and European Countries”

Vella ATIENZA (IDE-JETRO, Japan) “Upgrading the Material Recovery Processes of the Informal E-waste Recyclers”

17:15-17:50 Overall Discussion
17:50 Closing remarks
18:00-20:30 Reception