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Trachycarpus fortunei

Basic information
Scientific name Trachycarpus fortunei

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Common names
Higher taxon Arecaceae, Arecales, Liliopsida, Magnoliophyta
Natural range Japan (southern Kyushu), China
Habitat Forest, urban area.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Kanto District to western Japan. Native to southern Kyushu. Range in Japan
Route Deliberate: As horticulture, industrial materials (scrub brush, broom, etc.), street plant, etc.
Impact Competition with native species.
Affected organism: Native tree species.
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries
Reference Notes
  • Okuda (ed) (1997) Wild plants of Japan. Shogakukan, Tokyo (in Jpn)
  • Satake et al. (1989) Wild Flowers of Japan, Woody Plants [II]. Heibonsha, Tokyo (in Jpn)
This species can hybridize with T. wagnerianus, a Chinese congener. Several putative hybrids of T. fortunei and T. wagnerianus have been found in Tokyo.