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Anthemis cotula

Basic information
Scientific name Anthemis cotula (No picture)
Common names Mayweed, Chamomile, Stinking mayweed
Higher taxon Asteraceae, Asterales, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliophyta
Natural range Europe.
Habitat Farm area, fruit garden, pasture field, roadside, vacancy, etc.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Almost Entire Japan Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date The first record was in 1931, at Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
Route Deliberate: As ornamental plant, and for medicine.
Impact Actually: Competition with native plants and crops. When cow eat this species, unusual odor come in milk. Causing dermatitis.
Affected organism: Native grasses and crops (competition). Human (dermatitis).
Regulation in Japan No action for prevention, mitigation, control, or eradication.
Introduced range in other countries Africa, Asia, North and South America, Oceania.
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