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Molgula manhattensis

Basic information
Scientific name Molgula manhattensis (No picture)
Common names
Higher taxon Molgulidae, Pleurogona, Ascidiacea, Chordata
Natural range N Atlantic Ocean.
Habitat Artificial materials in intertidal zone around river mouses and ports.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Tokyo, Shizuoka, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo, Ehime, Fukuoka Prefs. Range in Japan
Date The first record was in 1972 at Hiroshima Pref. Spread in 1970s to 1990s.
Route Accidental: Hitchhiking ballast water. There is a record of fouling on a sea turtle (Caretta caretta) carapace.
Impact Potentially competitive with bivalves and impact on aquafarmings.
Affected organism: Bivalves.
Regulation in Japan
Introduced range in other countries Coast of Australia, continental China, western N America, Brazil, UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, etc.
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