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Achatina fulica

Basic information
Scientific name Achatina fulica

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Common names Giant African snail
Higher taxon Achatinidae, Stylommatophora, Gastropoda, Mollusca
Natural range Savanna region nearby Mozambique Channel, E Africa.
Habitat Bush nearby forest and crop field.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Ogasawara Islands, Amami Islands, Okinawajima Is., Miyakojima Is., Yaeyama Islands, and mainland of Kagoshima Pref. Range in Japan
Origin Taiwan
Date Introduced in 1932, and established by 1945.
Route Deliberate: for food.
Impact Predation, competition against native species. Carrying pathogen. Harmful to Agriculture.
Affected organism: Vegetation, native land snails, crops.
Regulation in Japan Achatinidae is designated as a Quarantine Pest (the Plant Protection Law).
Introduced range in other countries Madagascar (ca. 1760, for food), Mauritius (ca. 1800, for medicine), Comore, India, SE Asia, S Continental China, Taiwan, Hawaii, Banuatu, etc.
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100 of the World&rsuo;s Worst Invasive Alien Species. 100 of the Japan&rsuo;s Worst Invasive Alien Species.