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Latrodectus hasselti

Basic information
Scientific name Latrodectus hasselti

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Common names redback widow spider
Higher taxon Theridiidae, Araneae, Arachnida, Arthropoda
Natural range Possibly Australia, but ambiguous
Invasion information
Range in Japan Recorded in All prefectures except 2 prefectures (Aomori and Akita prefs). Abundant in Kinki and Tokai District (central Japan). Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date The first record was in 1995.
Route Accidental: With building material or some other transportation.
Impact Venomous.
Regulation in Japan Import, transport and keeping are legally restricted in Japan.
Introduced range in other countries USA, etc.
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100 of the Japan’s Worst Invasive Alien Species
Latrodectus spp. is designated as a invasive alien species from October 2015