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Meliponinae spp.

Basic information
Scientific name Meliponinae spp.

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Common names Stingless honeybees
Higher taxon Apidae, Apoidea, Hymenoptera
Natural range Wide area in tropical and subtropical regions, montane region in Latin America. The northernmost distribution is central Taiwan.
Habitat Most species nest in tree hollow and crack of stone wall.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Not established in Japan Range in Japan
Route Several species were imported to Japan for research for pollination use.
Regulation in Japan Import of honeybees to Japan is regulated (the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law).
Introduced range in other countries
Reference Notes
  • Amano (2003) Collaborative investigations on conservation and utilization of stingless honeybees in Mexico. Survey Report Animal Genetic Resources. 13, 1-33 (in Jpn with English abst)