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Zosterops spp.

Basic information
Scientific name Zosterops spp. (No picture)
Common names White-eyes (except Japanese taxa)
Higher taxon Zosteropidae, Passeriformes, Aves
Natural range Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Continental China, Philippines.
Habitat Forest, Farm field, urban area, park, etc.
Invasion information
Range in Japan No explicit records. However, these species may escape in Japan, given that large number of exotic white-eyes have been imported to Japan. Range in Japan
Origin S Korea, China, Phlippine, etc.
Route Deliberate: Imported as pet animals. In Japan, there are contests of white-eye singing, where Japanese native white-eye has been preferred traditionally. In several cases, some people having permissions for import of exotic white-eyes, poached and kept Japanese white-eyes as “imported white-eyes”, and released the true imported ones.
Impact Potentially: competition and/or hybridization with native Zosterops. Transmission of avian flu.
Native organism(s) affected: Native subspecies of Japanese white-eye
Regulation in Japan As a countermeasure to avian flu, almost Asian countries prohibit trades of birds.
Introduced range in other countries
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