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Garrulax sannio

Basic information
Scientific name Garrulax sannio

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Common names White-browed laughing thrush
Higher taxon Sylviidae, Passeriformes, Aves
Natural range East Asia, Southeast Asia.
Habitat Edge of forest, forest, park, shrub, urban area.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Northern Kanto District to Chiba Pref. Range in Japan
Date The first record was in 1994 at Mt. Akagi in Gumma Pref.
Route Deliberate: Escape or release of pet.
Impact Potentialy: Competition against native species.
Affected organism: Native birds in similar habitat, such as thrush and muscicapid birds.
Regulation in Japan Import, transport and keeping are prohibited in Japan by the Invasive Alien Species Act.
Introduced range in other countries No
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